Data Cable and Repair

Data and security of data is highly important in today’s world where hackers try to steal or leak information.

Cable Tech understands the risks you encounter in your day-to-day business and are here to provide you with the best possible solutions so that you can sleep safe and sound.

Data cables are used to connect one device to another such as a computer with computer or computer with printer or scanner.

Data Cabling And Repair Coolum Beach Queensland
Super Fast Speeds

We use different types of cables such as coaxial cable, optical firer cable, twisted pair cables, all depending upon the network topology, protocol and size.

Data Cabling And Repair Coolum Beach Queensland
Internet Sharing LAN

The devices are connected through a CAT6 Ethernet or through interconnections to the internet. Our company provides superfast Cat 6 cable which enables the customers to get 10 Gbps over 33-55 meters (110-165 feet) of cable and up to 250 MHz, for superfast Ethernet sharing.

MDF frames Queensland

We also ensure internet sharing across your network on all devices such as Smart televisions, Xbox, Play Station, and other media devices that require an LAN connection.

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Wi-Fi Access Points

We also provide WiFi signal points and extenders, to extend quality signal which helps you carry on your work uninterruptedly.

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